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"I don't want to protect the environment.

I want to create a world where the environment

doesn't need protecting. "




Eco-Interiors was started by an interior designer and sustainability activist who wanted to make it easier for you to find eco-friendly home goods...  Products that are inspired by nature, healthy for you and the planet, and contain little to no plastic. We work with companies that supply handmade, eco-friendly, organic, vintage, and small batch products.  Many of the companies work for social good, are women-owned and made in the USA. Thanks for stopping by our site.  We're happy to help you create a beautiful and healthy home environment.   


Eco-Interiors is a small business based in Mesa, Arizona and is woman-owned.


Eco-Interiors doesn't currently have a brick and mortar shop, but will hopefully some time in the near future.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at  

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