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Sustainability, Social responsibility, Ethics and Values

Thank you for your interest in our responsible and ethical practices. Being a brand-new company, we promise to constantly strive to make progress with our partners and suppliers, as well as in our internal policies as a company. 

Ethical Production and Sustainability Efforts

As a home goods company, we are constantly questioning what sustainability means for us.  We strongly believe in providing home goods that are timeless, crafted to last, and made of the most ethically sourced materials possible.  We strive to work with organic (cotton) and natural (linen, hemp) fabrics wherever possible. We strive to use all-natural materials such as real plants and flowers (live or preserved), wood, glass, metals, etc. - and little to no plastic.  Our body products are SLS-free, paraben free, phthalate free, and made with essential oils.  


Any new shipping packaging we strive to have a minimum of 30%+ post-consumer content, and is, of course,  100% recyclable.  We use paper-based tapes, and packing materials, no plastics.  We are working with our suppliers to do the same.   We also reuse packaging that we have received from others to give them a second life.  

We understand the dire moment that our planet is in and feel a deep responsibility to do our part to protect and defend the environment as is demanded by our commitment to being an accountable brand that prioritizes ethics and values. We are committed to the protection of the safety and beauty of this planet -- for ourselves and for the generations to follow. 

From day one, our decisions have been centered on maintaining integrity and our core values, and we have never wavered from this mission. We will continually evolve, both in terms of innovation and knowledge, and the humanity of our future team.  This is a critical component of our journey as a brand.  

Social responsibility: closing the gender gap 

We are intentional when selecting our suppliers, partnering only with companies that share our company values. Whenever possible, we choose to work with women-owned, or co-owned, companies. 


Anti-Racism Accountability

As we grow, we will make every effort on both immediate actionable steps to improve our practices, as well as building thoughtful foundations.  We will endeavor to share new ideas around how to evolve to be an innovator in inclusivity and company culture for diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We recognize that this work is critical to upholding our company values and ethos -- and to creating a workplace and community that is compassionate, integrous, equitable, and actively anti-racist.

Accessibility Statement

We endeavor to provide customers and other individuals with disabilities with equal access to our products and services, including through an accessible website.  If you have questions, comments, or encounter any difficulty in using this site, please e-mail us  

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