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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

If you are anything like me, you drink caffeine every day. Love my morning Caffe Latte and my afternoon tea! But our bodies need a break from all that, so during this program we're going to substantially reduce our caffeine intake.

If you've been drinking caffeine (a psychoactive drug) for a long time, you will probably go through withdrawals. If you follow these steps it will minimize the effects.

Step 1: Start on a Weekend

This will allow you take naps as needed!

Step 2: Reduce your caffeine intake

With caffeine, it is better to ween off of it gradually. So for the first three days, cut your daily intake of your caffeinated beverage of choice in half each day. I usually have two cups of coffee in the morning and 4 glasses of black iced teas for lunch and in the afternoon. That means, the first day: One cup of coffee and two glasses of iced tea. Day two: half a cup of coffee and 1 glass of iced tea. Day three: 1/4 cup of coffee, 1/2 glass of iced tea. This should reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

Step 3: Drink Green Tea

For the next four days, you can drink one cup of caffeinated organic green tea (steeped for five minutes). Green tea has a minimal amount of caffeine and so many wonderful health benefits that it is recommended for the duration of the program.

Step 4: Take Vitamin C

While detoxing, Dr. Hyman recommends taking 1,000-2,000 milligrams of buffered pure ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) as a powder or in capsules. This may help detoxify and balance your system.

Step 5: Drink Plenty of Clean Water

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of filtered water a day. You should do this all the time, but it is especially important during this process because it will keep you hydrated which reduces headaches, minimizes constipation, and flushes toxins from your body.

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